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“Performance Breakthroughs for Individuals and Organizations”

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame by another human being .
We should all be thankful for those people
who rekindle the inner spirit.”    
Albert Schweitzer
Shaun Fitzpatrick’s mission for ProActive Learning has been to create performance breakthroughs for a broad cross section of organizations and individuals. He can certainly be described as a generalist, in that his depth of experience has included coaching at the business owner level where he has provided solutions throughout the organizations he has served.
Starting ProActive Learning in 1997 the company’s initial focus was on customized training in the areas of Sales and Sales Management Training. He continues to work in this area and he delivers the Canadian Professional Sales Association courses leading to the designation CSP (Certified Sales Professional).
He was certified as Business Coach in 2002 and has worked with a number of business owners to provide “breakthroughs” over the past eight years. These efforts can include everything right up to succession planning or maximizing the sale of the business.
Gradually, the company’s product offerings were expanded to include a much broader area of subjects. For example, training was designed and delivered in areas such as Team Building, Negotiation, Train the Trainer and more.
His work as a Personal Performance Coach will find him assisting an individual to achieve breakthroughs in areas such as life skills, resolving conflict or building effective relationships.
Shaun proudly partners ProActive Learning with the HiringSmart organization so that companies receive cutting edge assistance in the areas of Hiring, Job Fit, Engagement and Retention.
Shaun is a requested Professional Speaker. He attained “Professional Member” status in the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in 2001. His audiences site his “knowledge of the subject matter and the dynamism and motivation” found in his seminars.
The bottom line for individuals or organizations looking for performance breakthroughs is that ProActive Learning will deliver Shaun’s business philosophy of Integrity, Caring, Enthusiasm, Service, Accountability and above all else Results.
Shaun would conclude as follows: “My great joy and my life’s work have been about being a catalyst for change and renewal so that , in the words of Albert Schweitzer printed above, when that inner fire goes out it is rekindled and burst back into flame."
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